Housekeeping Services

The housekeeping department is committed to maintaining a clean, safe and appealing environment.  We take pride in our surroundings by providing clean, fresh, and well-maintained Resident rooms and common areas. The following services are provided;

  • Before moving in, the room is thoroughly cleaned 
  • Every day the washroom is cleaned, garbage removed and supplies replenished
  • The floors are mopped and any spills are cleaned up
  • Every week the room is dusted
  • Yearly, a thorough cleaning of the room will be done which includes machine scrubbing the floors, cleaning of the walls air vents, and curtains.


Please provide clear plastic bins for all items such as shoes boots etc. that are stored on the floor of the closet.  This will enable housekeeping staff to clean the closet floors.

Visiting Hours

All families and friends are welcome to visit at anytime. Meadowood Manor does not have any formal visiting hours.