Clinical Services

Resident Care Services


Meadowood Manor has two attending physicians.  Following admission, one of the physicians will be assigned to each new Resident. Upon arriving at Meadowood Manor, the Resident will undergo an initial physical conducted by the physician.  Clinical appointments and consultations with various health professionals may be scheduled when ordered by the doctor. The physicians visit the home once a week, and see the Resident according to their individual needs.  Full physical examinations are completed every two years. Physicians are able to be consulted 24/7.


Twenty-four (24) hour nursing care is provided for all Residents.

Nursing department includes: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Health Care Aides.

Staffing is allocated according to the general level of care needs on each floor and in accordance with WRHA requirements.

Medications are dispensed by our nursing staff at regularly scheduled times as prescribed by the physician. Over-the-counter medications are not permitted and we ask for the cooperation of family members and friends in not bringing these into the home.


Medications are ordered though the Manitoba Long Term Care Provincial Pharmacy program.  Most medications for Residents are covered under thePersonal Care Home program as an insured benefit for Residents of Manitoba. In instances where a medication has been ordered and is not covered, a Resident and/or their advocate will be contacted.

Other Clinical Services


We have a registered dietitian who regularly assesses the nutritional intake of all our Residents. Our dietitian can provide nutritional counsel and education to Residents and their family members, in order for all those involved to understand the need for a certain dietary supplement or consistency of food. Our dietitian works in consultation with our Support Services Manager.

Dental Services

Meadowood Manor partners with the University of Manitoba Dental Facility to provide fee-for-service dental services to Residents at Meadowood Manor as requested. Families can make appointments by filling out dental forms on the units.

If services of a private dentist are preferred, families can make their own arrangements. Transportation costs and dental charges are  assumed by the Resident or family caregiver.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory testing services are provided for Residents by Concordia Lab Services through Concordia Community Clinic. Cadham Provincial Labs (CPL) is also used for screening and diagnostic lab analysis when required.

Foot Care

Foot care is an integral part of routine care for Residents. Meadowood will provide families the names of several reliable foot care specialist or podiatrists. The Resident or families are responsible for arranging foot care and for all external provider charges.

Occupational Therapist

We have an Occupational Therapist on site once a week, who works in conjunction with our Rehab Assistant to review and to assess the seating and equipment needs of Residents.

Rehabilitation Technician

Meadowood Manor has a full time rehabilitation technician. She works with each resident to tailor make individual exercise and strengthening programs based on their needs and abilities.


Meadowood Manor provides a physiotherapist on a consult basis to design rehab programs and exercises to assist Residents who have difficulty with lack of mobility, muscle weakness, impaired movement or other disorders. Residents must meet certain requirements to be considered for Rehab programs.

Resident Care Coordinator

Our Resident Care Coordinator is available to provide tours, information and facilitate admission to the personal care home.  The Resident Care Coordinator works closely to ensure the resident and family needs are addressed. 

Visiting Hours

All families and friends are welcome to visit at anytime. Meadowood Manor does not have any formal visiting hours.

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