How long is the waiting period to be admitted to Meadowood Manor PCH?

The waiting period to get in to Meadowood Manor runs anywhere from  six months to one year depending on circumstances.

What is the cost of living in the Personal Care Home?

The cost for a resident living in a Personal Care Home will vary depending on their most recent tax assessment from the government.

Does every resident have their own room?

Each of our 88 residents has their own room with a wheelchair accessible bathroom, clothes closet and standard issue furniture.

Is the food cooked at the facility?

We have a fully operational professional kitchen, run by loyal staff who make fresh nutritious meals each day for all our residents to meet their specific dietary needs.

What are the visiting hours?

Family and friends can visit at anytime seven days a week. We do not have formal visiting hours.

Is Meadowood a scent free facility?

We are a scent free facility and appreciate if visitors would also adhere to this as we do not want to disturb the sensitivity of others within the facility.

Are pets allowed to visit?

Dogs and cats are allowed to visit as long as they are on a leash and always in the presence of the visitor.

How can I volunteer at Meadowood?

We accept all volunteers, but you are required to fill out an application and have an up-to-date Criminal record check and Adult Abuse check attached. Applications can be obtained from our front desk or the website.

How can I rent an apartment in the Tower?

Applications are available at our front desk or our website and must be accompanied by your most recent Income Tax Assessment from the government.

Are the apartments Assisted Living?

Meadowood Apartment Tower is not an Assisted Living facility – it is for Independent Living only, so all tenants must be able to function completely on their own. Some tenants do have Home Care or receive Meals on Wheels.

How long is the waiting period for an apartment?

The waiting time will vary based on a 1 bedroom or bachelor suite, please call the office to get a range of time for the apartment you are interested in. Phone: 204-257-2394

Is smoking allowed at Meadowood Manor?

There is no smoking allowed on the premises of either the Personal Care Home or the Independent Living Tower.

Visiting Hours

All families and friends are welcome to visit at anytime. Meadowood Manor does not have any formal visiting hours.