Meadowood Manor Board

Manitoba Baptist Home Society Board (MBHSB)

Is the governing group made up of members from the supporting Baptist churches within the Manitoba Baptist Association in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Board members have overall control of Meadowood Manor’s Personal Care Home and Independent Living Complex in conjunction with the Province of Manitoba. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and monthly meetings are held to discuss the running of the facility. The board along with the CEO is responsible for ensuring that all health standards and policies are duly met in respect to; care of all residents, adherence to hiring qualified staff, fulfilling contracts with the various unions, as well as having a competent management team in place.

Board Members:

Manitoba Baptist Home Society Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated volunteers representing the following churches:

Whyte Ridge Baptist Church

  • Sig Muth
  • Lorna Betcher
  • George Giesbrecht
  • Agnes Rist

Waverley Church

  • Cathy Eisbrenner
  • Patricia Garcia

McDermot Baptist Church

  • Kevin LaRiviere

Oakbank Baptist Church

  • Klaus Mueller
  • Tim Whittaker

Mission Baptist Church

  • Barb Mueller
  • Irma Koberstein

Fort Richmond Baptist Church

  • Barry Thiessen

Visiting Hours

All families and friends are welcome to visit at anytime. Meadowood Manor does not have any formal visiting hours.